Preposition, Adverb

 - denote a relationship of some sort between two entities
e.g. at, behind, beside, by, for, in, like, etc.

Prepositional Phrases
 - often combined witn NPs to form Prepositional Phrases (PPs)
 - preposition + NP
  Prepositional Object(Complement)

 - modify verbs, adjectives, or other adverbs
 - adverb ending : -ly, -wards, -wise, -ways, ...
 - some adverbs take comparative and superative forms
e.g. fast-faster-fastest, soon-sooner-soonest, well-better-best

1 circumstantial adverbs
e.g. often, gleefully, intentionally, reluctantly
 - specify a variety of different types of circumstantial information
 - can be modified
2 degree adverbs
e.g. extremely, extraordinarily, less, more, pretty, quite, too, very
 - specify the degree to which the adjective they modify applies
 - cannot be modified
3 sentence adverbs
e.g. however, probably, perhaps
 - linking functions or modify whole sentence
 - can be modified

Adverb Phrases