Forms - Noun, Determinative

Word classes (parts of speech)
 - noun
 - determinative
 - adjective
 - verb
 - preposition
 - adverb
 - conjunction
 - interjection

? why a particular item is on a list together with other items
? why other items are not on the list

1 notional(semantic) definition

2 formal(morphological) criteria
 - look at the shape words can take
 - suffixes, plural endings, genetive endings

3 distributional criteria
 - look at where they can occur in sentences
 - look at the way they behave and function in sentential patterns
 - look at the way in which words behave suntactically in sentences, i.e. the patterns they typically occur in

determinatives + N
specify more precisely the meaning of the nouns they precede

adjectives + N
qualify the nouns they precede

Noun Subclasses
 - Common nouns (C, UC)
 - Proper nouns
 - Pronouns (Pro-NPs) : to avoid the repetition
 derive their referential content from nouns(NPs)
-general personal pronouns
-'possessive' personal pronouns
reflexive personal pronouns
reciprocal personal pronouns
demonstrative pronouns
relative pronouns
interrogative/wh- pronouns

 - string of words whose central element(Head) is a noun


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